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Paste is a power-up item in Spelunky 2.

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Paste can be obtained from the following sources:

Shops Drops Miscellaneous
General Stores Giant Spiders (Guaranteed drop) Crates (149/10000 chance)
Dice Houses Presents (1/25 chance)
Tun's Curio Shops
Caveman Shops (rare)


A sticky bomb.

Collecting Paste permanently turns the Spelunker's bombs into sticky bombs, which adhere to whatever they touch, including enemies and items.

Unlike normal bombs, thrown sticky bombs do not deal damage to entities they hit, but will stick to them.


  • With a Powerpack, the Spelunker's power bombs are given adhesive properties as well.
  • Bombs that Monkeys and Leprechauns remove from the Spelunker's inventory are also sticky.
  • Sticky bombs are unaffected by Conveyor Belts, unmoving.
  • Bombs affected by paste cannot stick to Quicksand, instead sinking through like a normal bomb.
  • Throwing a sticky bomb at a Floating Orb has it stick to the orb.


  • If a sticky bomb somehow sticks itself onto the Spelunker, they may unstick it from their body by "picking it up" as if it was a normal item on the ground, regardless of its position on the body.
  • Bombs do not bounce and roll due to their sticky properties, which may make it more difficult to place a bomb down into tight spaces.
    • Placing a sticky bomb against a corner sticks it to the wall rather than the ground, rendering it unable to be picked up.

Version History

Disclaimer: All content from Version 1.25 and onwards are currently unavailable on PS4.
In Europe, Africa, Middle East & Oceania, all content after Version 1.20.4d are also unavailable on PS4. This is due to multiple reasons, although content will be available in the future.

1.22.6 (Switch)

  • Bombs stolen by Leprechauns can now also be paste and power bombs

1.21.0c (W64)

  • Fixed players not being able to grab paste bombs attached to their bodies under some circumstances

1.20.3a (W64)

  • Prevented sticky bombs from attaching to a bow's arrow of a player being held by the thrower
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