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Parachutes are single-use equipment items purchasable from shops. They also have a 7.57% chance to spawn from crates.They do not stack, meaning that only one can be carried at a time.

A parachute will always spawn inside of the crate on the same level as the Ankh in Olmec's Lair.

Parachutes are also used by Aliens when they lose control of their UFO and need to land safely. UFOs also have a very rare chance of dropping the Parachute item themselves when they're destroyed.


Parachutes automatically deploy whenever a player falls far enough to take fall damage, slowing their air speed and softening their landing.

It acts identically to the cape in terms of its slow fall capabilities, although pressing the jump button will prompt the player to cut the chute and re-enter freefall. They are automatically discarded as soon as the player lands safely, hangs to an edge, or grabs a wall with the climbing glove.

Like with the Cape or Vlad's Cape, floating with the parachute allows the player to glide gently onto spikes without getting killed.

Having a parachute on hand is a useful lifeline in case the player does not have access to a better method of fall protection, but are made nearly redundant if they also find a Cape, Jetpack, or other back item which can be used to prevent fall damage. Nevertheless, it never hurts to have a backup parachute on hand to save the player in case they fail to manually activate their primary item in time or run out of fuel on the Jetpack.

Parachutes have four different variations, each randomly occurring whenever deployed.

The three basic variations of a Parachute.

The fourth variation is significantly rarer, as it is a golden parachute. As the user descends, numerous gold nuggets, small and large, will sprinkle off of it. This can be used in the large, vertical ice caves to generate a lot of money, or indefinitely in the horizontal loop in the Cosmic Ocean to generate a hypothetically infinite amount of gold, although the player will need to be careful of the Celestial Jelly that spawns after 3 minutes.

An Alien safely descending using a golden parachute.

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