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Pangxie are an enemy in Spelunky 2.

They are large enemies found in Tide Pool.


Pangxie are slow, hulking enemies with 20 HP, who are immune to whip damage and stomp damage (without Spike Shoes).

Pangxie launch one of their claws at the spelunker if they get too close, which retracts back to them sortly after. The claw and connected arm segments work similarly to the Punish Ball, and the arm itself is able to deal damage to spelunker on contact. The claw is capable of destroying tiles that it hits with a high enough velocity, as well as any in the way as it is being recalled to the Pangxie.

Getting above a Pangxie has it release 4 green bubbles that deal no damage but inflict Poison on entities that touch them.

Pangxie cannot perform both of its attacks at once. While it is performing its claw attack, it cannot blow poisonous bubbles, which provides a window to kill them with Spike Shoes. Pangxie have a cooldown of about 2 seconds between attacks.

Once killed, a Pangxie drops 2 gems, multiple Crabs, and a Wooden Shield. The Wooden Shield has a 1/10 chance of being a Metal Shield instead.

If a Pangxie is killed while their claw is extended, the claw is left behind, which can be picked up and thrown, though without its original ferocity.

Pangxie have a tendency to block important passageways that the spelunker needs to get through, and with their 20 HP, the best way to deal with them is with either two bombs, Excalibur, or Spike Shoes. Otherwise, their slow movement speed makes them easy to slip past.


  • Pangxie or 螃蟹 (pángxiè) is Chinese for crab.
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