Pangxie is a large enemy found in the Tide Pool. They are Kingu's bodyguards.


Pangxie are slow. When the player gets too far away, it will launch its massive claw at the player, which retracts back to it shortly after. The claw acts similar to the ball and chain gained by Kali. It will crush rocks and other tiles that end up in its way. When the player is above pangxie, it will launch 4 bubbles upward towards the player, which inflicts poison. However, he cannot launch bubbles while his claw is extended.

Once killed, they drop 2 gems, and frequently a wooden shield. There's a rarer chance that they instead drop a metal shield. If they are killed while their claw is extended, their claw will be left behind, which can be picked up and thrown.


Pangxie are slow, with low loot relative to their difficulty. Because of this, in most cases it is best to simply avoid and run past them.

If they are blocking the players path, and must be defeated, staying out of their range and using weapons like the shotgun or bows can allow you to stay out of their reach. Throwing items, like rocks at them back and forth may also be a viable strategy.

Normally, it's dangerous to jump on pangxie's head because of the threat of the poison bubbles, but it's safe to jump on a pangxie's head while its claw is extended. But you will need to move away when it retracts its claw.


  • Pangxie or 螃蟹 (pángxiè) in chinese means crab.
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