Pangxie are large enemies found in the Tide Pool. They are known as Kingu's bodyguards and are nigh impossible to defeat without the assistance of equipment or other items.


Pangxie are slow, hulking enemies. They are immune to being whipped without the Powerpack and immune to being stomped on without Spike Shoes.

When the player gets too close to one, it will launch its massive claw at the player, which retracts back to it shortly after. The claw acts similar to the ball and chain obtained by angering Kali, although capable of crushing tiles that end up in its way if it hits them at a fast enough velocity.

When the player gets above a Pangxie, it will launch 4 poison bubbles upward towards the player, which all deal no damage but inflict poison.

Pangxie cannot perform both of its attacks at once. While it is performing its claw attack, it cannot erupt bubbles of poison at the player. Pangxie have a brief cooldown of about 2 seconds before they are able to attack again.

Once killed, a Pangxie drops 2 gems, multiple Crabs, and either a Wooden Shield or the more rarely dropping Metal Shield, appearing 10% of the time in place of the Wooden Shield.

If a Pangxie is killed while their claw is extended, their claw will be left behind, which can be picked up and thrown, though without its original ferocity.


Pangxie are tanky with a whopping 20 HP, but drop low loot relative to their difficulty. Because of this, in most cases it is best to simply avoid and run past them.

  • Exit doors in Tide Pool are always made up of a three tile long space. Due to this, a Pangxie guarding an exit door may simply be walked past by waiting for it to move to the other end of the platform and squeezing into the door.
  • If a Pangxie is blocking the players path, and must be defeated, Excalibur is arguably the best item to use against one, as it will defeat them in only two swings.
    • Staying out of their range and using weapons like the shotgun or crossbows can also allow the player to stay out of their reach.
    • Throwing items like rocks at them back and forth may also be a viable strategy.
  • A Pangxie's claw attack is still capable of hurting the player with merely their arm. Although it is made up of several segments, the entire line between the claw and the Pangxie is hazardous and will deal damage.
    • Players should be wary of being in the way of a Pangxie's claw as it retracts back to the main body, as it will break through tiles to achieve this goal.
    • It is possible to avoid the Pangxie's claw attack with a well timed whip, as the whip will bounce the claw back at the Pangxie. This requires precise timing, but may be done if necessary.
  • Normally, it's dangerous to jump on Pangxie's head because of its poison bubble attack, but it is safe to jump on their head while it is performing its claw attack. With the scaling damage of Spike Shoes, Pangxie can be defeated in as little as three consecutive stomps to the head.
  • Pangxie as well as the Crabs they leave behind are an excellent source of blood for the Kapala.


  • Pangxie or 螃蟹 (pángxiè) is Chinese for crab.
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