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Osiris is the boss of Duat, the secret area in the Temple of Anubis. He is the father of Anubis, and drops the Tablet Of Destiny upon death, a valuable item used to obtain the Qilin and reach the Sunken City.


Osiris spawns at the top of the Duat alongside Anubis II, only appearing once the player reaches the top.

Once the fight starts, he will start to float back and forth, stopping and slamming the ground anytime the player passes under one of his hands.

This destroys tiles, but his hands will not extend deeper than two tiles below the top of the Duat.

The top of the hands are safe to jump on, but being slammed by them will deal two damage and hitting the sides will stun the player and send them backward. They are primarily used as a way for the player to get within striking distance of Osiris himself.

Upon death, Osiris will burst into a large amount of emeralds, drop the Tablet of Destiny, and spawn a portal leading to Ice Caves.

It is possible to telefrag Osiris himself as well as both of his fists, leaving him with no method of attack. This is only possible if the player finds a Teleporter from a Crate, has The True Crown, or finds a Teleporter or Telepack encrusted in one of the tiles in the Duat, however.


  • Although Osiris is a menacing figure, the largest threat in the battle of the Duat is Anubis II, who spawns shortly after Osiris and floats down from above. His power to summon coffins is significantly more dangerous than Osiris' fists, so it is highly recommended to get rid of Anubis II quickly. Letting him stick around can quickly lead to Osiris's arena getting overrun with enemies.
    • A single bomb is enough to get rid of Anubis II, making a well timed bomb or one covered in Paste an easy way to dispatch of him.
  • As for Osiris himself, his pattern is very consistent and can be dealt with pretty easily, even without bombs and Paste. Causing one hand to slam down, then carefully chaining hops on it will allow the player to wail on Osiris's face with the whip as he floats back and forth.
    • If the player is in possession of bombs and paste, simply causing one hand to slam down and throwing four bombs up at Osiris's face will make very quick work of the fight.
      • Note that explosions from bombs stuck to his hands will not reach his face, unless the player uses big bombs via a Powerpack.
  • It is important to pick up the Tablet of Destiny as soon as it drop from Osiris; depending on where he dies, the tablet may fall into a lower section of the map with dangers such as enemies spawned by Anubis II, Apep, or most unfortunately, Lava.
  • Players should be careful not to touch the black smoke on either side, as this will repel and briefly stun the player, which may land them below the arena where the Apep is.
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