Olmec is the main boss of Spelunky.
It is located in Olmec's Chamber, on the fourth stage of the Temple.

Defeating Olmec rewards you with the Giant Idol and wins the game.
You also receive the Achievement 'Made it', and unlock the Jungle Warrior character.

Olmec spawns lesser enemies such as Hawkmen and Frogs while pounding on the ground.

It is possible to 'ride' Olmec by climbing on top of the head while it is on the ground. Doing this allows you to reach the upper platforms of the level, filled with treasure and crates.


  • "Made it" (40Gamerscore icon.png) - Complete the game. (Guide)
  • "Ironman" (30Gamerscore icon.png) - Complete the game without using shortcuts. (Guide)
  • "Speedlunky" (10Gamerscore icon.png) - Complete the game in under 8 minutes. No shortcuts. (Guide)
  • "Low Scorer" (10Gamerscore icon.png) - Complete the game without collecting any treasure. No shortcuts. (Guide)
  • "Good Teamwork" (10Gamerscore icon.png) - Complete the game with at least two players alive. No shortcuts. (Guide)
  • "The Entire Gang" (10Gamerscore icon.png) - Rescue all 8 hidden characters. (Guide)
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