Olmec is the first boss of Spelunky 2, found after completing either Volcana or the Jungle and reaching his lair.


Olmec has 3 different phases, entering a new phase once reaching the next floor in his lair.

When entering from 2-4 of The Jungle or Volcana, a short cinematic will play.

In this cinematic, three cavemen are shown worshipping to a stone statue of Olmec. Chunks of stone begin flying off, prompting the cavemen to stop their ritual. It is revealed that the stone statue is actually of the real, golden Olmec, which spooks the cavemen and causes them to run away. Olmec jumps up and crushes the last third caveman who was too slow, and the battle begins.

Olmec functions exactly like a wall, and a player can attach to and climb up him with Climbing Gloves.

Phase 1

On the entry floor, Olmec's first phase is similar to how he acted in Spelunky HD. However, compared to his behavior in Spelunky HD, Olmec is much faster and does not spawn enemies unlike the Spelunky HD or Spelunky Classic.

When the player is close, he will jump up above the player and pause for a second before coming down, killing the player instantly if they are caught underneath and destroying the first row of tiles under him.

If the player manages to get on top of Olmec, he will jump towards whichever end the player is closest to. When the player is on top of Olmec, the jumps that he perform will not destroy blocks below him.

Phase 2

Olmec's second phase triggers once the he falls into the second floor. Here, he decides to mix things up.

He levitates to the air, revealing two purple hoverpads beneath him.

He will then initially move in the direction that the player is facing until a block or wall impedes his movement, upon which he will switch directions.

When the player is below his eye level, his face will open up horizontally across his eyes revealing two mechanical eyes underneath, and will then launch 3 bombs at varying speeds from both sides of his face.

Upon completing three bomb cycles, he will not do it again until both of his hoverpads are shattered and he rises again.

Olmec's jets take one HP of damage before shattering, but are immune to fire damage. Upon breaking both of the jets beneath him, he will fall down until he hits ground, crushing two rows of tiles under him upon landing.

If he falls to the third floor, he will go to his third phase.

Phase 3

Olmec's third phase is identical to his first one, with a major tweak: Every other crash will make him open his mouth and unleash two UFOs from each end of his mouth.

At the very bottom of the third floor is a lake of lava, where the player can send him sinking down. This ends the fight and allows the player to use the top of Olmec's head to enter one of the many doors at the bottom to enter the sub-area containing the Ankh and the coffin containing Manfred Tunnel.


  • The safest place to be in all three phases is always on top of Olmec.
  • If Olmec deploys a bomb or UFO too close to a wall, it will instantly explode.
  • Rocks and other objects may hit one of Olmec's hoverpads after flying from bomb explosions, meaning that a player should be wary of them in phase 2.
  • Players using the Climbing Gloves should be careful when fighting Olmec on phases 1 and 3, as they may accidently get themselves stuck against him and crushed against him and a wall.


  • The cavemen seen in his opening animation are only there during the animation, and will despawn upon the actual fight starting.
  • Olmec's Lair is the only level where a pet only has a chance of spawning, rather than no chance or a guaranteed chance.
  • Shooting him with the Plasma Cannon results in the projectile being deflected.
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