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Olmec's Lair is the third area in Spelunky 2. Here, the player battles the titular boss, can obtain the Ankh, and makes their way to either Tide Pool or Temple of Anubis.


Olmec's Lair music

Olmec's Lair consists only of one level, 3-1.

The lair is tiered, with three layers of solid brick with a pool of lava beneath. Each layer of brick is seven tiles thick. A backlayer can be found here, containing the Ankh.

Level 1

Level 1 is the player's entry point from either the Jungle or Volcana. Olmec spawns in the middle of this level.

Platforms containing gems, chests, Crates, and occasionally a Pet are suspended above.

On the very right side, there will be a ladder up to a platform, upon which Parsley, Parsnip, and Parmesan will appear if they have been rescued. The player will be given an item depending on how many they have rescued; one will give the player a rope pile, two gets one a bomb bag, and all three will net a bomb box.

An entrance to Waddler's abode can be found just under the far right of the first tier, in an out-of-place tile. Two bombs (or one bomb and Olmec's help) must be used to enter it.

Level 2

To right of level 2, the entrance to the Tide Pool can be found, marked by the three Crabs around it. A ladder is present as well, allowing the player to climb up on top of Olmec's head during his second phase.

Level 3

Level 3 will initiate Olmec's third and final phase. The entrance to the Temple of Anubis can be found at the very right of this level, marked by the three Locusts around it.

A massive lava lake is just under this level, with multiple entrances just above it. These entrances do not have platforms, forcing the player to defeat Olmec in order to use the top of his head as a platform.

Sub Area

After using Olmec's head to enter one of the many entrances above the lava lake, the player will find themselves in an open space, littered with Scarabs and treasure.

This backlayer is largely barren, with the occasional Scarab, piece of treasure, Bat, or Skeleton. The Ankh can be found at the very top, along with a Coffin containing the unlockable spelunker Manfred Tunnel. To the right of the Ankh is an exit leading back to The Three Sisters can be found along with a Crate guaranteed to contain a Parachute.



In Olmec's Lair, angered Shopkeepers and/or an angered Tun will never spawn here. Despite this, the player will still lose a sin point for completing the level, making it easier for the player to attain forgiveness from the Shopkeeper's Association.

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