Olmec's Lair is the third area in Spelunky 2.


The out of place tile

The reward for saving all three jungle sisters

Olmec's Lair consists only of one level, 3-1. The lair is tiered, with three layers of solid brick with a pool of lava beneath. Each layer of brick is 7 tiles deep. Platforms containing gems, chests, crates, and occasionally a Damsel are suspended above the first tier. To the right of the first layer there will be a ladder up to a platform, upon which Parsley, Parsnip, and Parmesan will appear if they have been rescued. You will be given an item depending on how many you have rescued; one will give you a rope pile, two gets you a bomb bag, and all three will net you a bomb box. An entrance to Waddler's abode can be found just under the far right of the first tier, in an out-of-place tile. To right of the second tier there will be a push block blocking the entrance to the Tide Pool. A ladder is present as well, but it does not lead anywhere. Finally, the entrance to the Temple of Anubis can be found behind a push block to the right of the third tier. Just above the lave pit beneath the third layer there are numerous sub-area entrances. These entrances have no natural platforms, and so Olmec's head must be used to enter them, similar to Hell in the original Spelunky. This sub-area is largely barren, but at its top the Ankh can be found, along with Manfred Tunnel's coffin. Near the top a sub-area exit leading to the topmost layer can be found, along with a crate guaranteed to contain a parachute.

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