Olmec is the first boss of Spelunky 2, found after completing either Volcana or the Jungle and reaching his lair.


Olmec has 3 different phases, entering a new phase once reaching the next floor in his lair.

When entering from 2-4 of The Jungle or Volcana, a short cinematic will play.

In this cinematic, three cavemen are shown worshipping to a stone statue of Olmec. Chunks of stone begin flying off, prompting the cavemen to stop their ritual. It is revealed that the stone statue is actually of the real, golden Olmec, which spooks the cavemen and causes them to run away. Olmec jumps up and crushes the last third caveman who was too slow, and the battle begins.

Olmec functions exactly like a wall, and a player can attach to and climb up him with Climbing Gloves.

Phase 1

On the entry floor, Olmec's first phase is similar to how he acted in Spelunky HD. However, compared to his behavior in Spelunky HD, Olmec is much faster and does not spawn enemies unlike the Spelunky HD or Spelunky Classic.

When the player is close, he will jump up above the player and pause for a second before coming down, killing the player instantly if they are caught underneath and destroying the first row of tiles under him.

If the player manages to get on top of Olmec, he will jump towards whichever end the player is closest to. When the player is on top of Olmec, the jumps that he perform will not destroy blocks below him.

Phase 2

Olmec's second phase triggers once the he falls into the second floor. Here, he decides to mix things up.

He levitates to the air, revealing two purple hoverpads beneath him.

He will then initially move in the direction that the player is facing until a block or wall impedes his movement, upon which he will switch directions.

When the player is below his eye level, his face will open up horizontally across his eyes revealing two mechanical eyes underneath, and will then launch 3 bombs at varying speeds from both sides of his face.

Upon completing three bomb cycles, he will not do it again until both of his hoverpads are shattered and he rises again.

Olmec's jets take one HP of damage before shattering, but are immune to fire damage. Upon breaking both of the jets beneath him, he will fall down until he hits ground, crushing two rows of tiles under him upon landing.

If he falls to the third floor, he will go to his third phase.

Phase 3

Olmec's third phase is identical to his first one, with a major tweak: Every other crash will make him open his mouth and unleash two UFOs from each end of his mouth.

At the very bottom of the third floor is a lake of lava, where the player can send him sinking down. This ends the fight and allows the player to use the top of Olmec's head to enter one of the many doors at the bottom to enter the sub-area containing the Ankh and the coffin containing Manfred Tunnel.


  • The safest place to be in all three phases is always on top of Olmec.
  • If Olmec deploys a bomb or UFO too close to a wall, it will instantly explode.
  • Rocks and other objects may hit one of Olmec's hoverpads after flying from bomb explosions, meaning that a player should be wary of them in phase 2.
  • Players using the Climbing Gloves should be careful when fighting Olmec on phases 1 and 3, as they may accidently get themselves stuck against him and crushed against him and a wall.


  • The cavemen seen in his opening animation are only there during the animation, and will despawn upon the actual fight starting.
  • Olmec's Lair is the only level where a pet only has a chance of spawning, rather than no chance or a guaranteed chance.
  • Shooting him with the Plasma Cannon results in the projectile being deflected.


Olmec is the main boss of Spelunky. He is located in Olmec's Lair, on the fourth stage of the Temple. After defeating Olmec and leaving through the standard level exit, you win the game and are rewarded with the Giant Idol.
You also receive the Achievement 'Made it', and unlock the Jungle Warrior character.


Olmec will follow the Spelunker by jumping towards your direction, assuming you are close enough. During "regular" jumps, Olmec does not spawn enemies or damage tiles.

If Olmec's jump brought him directly above the player, he will freeze in the air for a fraction of a second, and then violently pound the ground under him. This "pounding" jump destroys up to 5 tiles directly below him upon landing, crushing anything in the way (including the player). While crushing tiles in this way, Olmec may also spawn lesser enemies such as Hawkmen and Frogs. These spawns appear as flying sparks which fly away in an arc from the crushed tiles, and will turn to enemies when reaching the ground again.

It is possible to "ride" Olmec by climbing on top of the head while it is on the ground, and standing close to one of the edges. Doing this allows you drive Olmec to a convenient location, and also makes it easier to reach the upper platforms of the level, filled with treasure and crates (you will still need a rope or a jetpack to reach the upper levels, however).


The only way to defeat Olmec is to drop him into the lava below the level. There are two main ways to do this:

  • The safest way is to possess 5 or more bombs in your inventory. In this case, simply drive Olmec to one corner of the map, and then use the bombs to dig a 4-tile wide vertical hole leading all the way to lava. You will need a rope or Jetpack to get back out, unless you use more bombs. Then, lure Olmec to the hole, standing very close to the edge opposite of Olmec (so close you are teetering over it). Doing so will make Olmec do a "pounding" attack that will land him directly into the hole.
    • When normally placed, a bomb will only dig a 3-tile wide hole, not wide enough for Olmec to fall through. To make a wider hole, either place the bombs at an edge between two tiles, or, after placing a bomb, quickly pick it up and place it again.
  • The more dangerous way requires no resources (although having a few ropes is highly recommended). Run under Olmec during his jump, which will cause Olmec to crush the tiles under him. Repeat this crushing maneuver until Olmec crushes his own way into the Lava, making sure to dodge both Olmec and his spawns (use a rope to kill spawns falling on top of you).
    • There are multiple variations of this that require less time at the cost of a few resources, while bombs are not needed, the use of them makes the fight faster, which also reduces the chances of random monster spawns by Olmec..

Hell Strategy

  • If you have the Necronomicon from the City of Gold and are planning to enter Hell, you will (in addition to killing Olmec) need to open a path to the Hell Entrance. Unlike regular exits, the Hell Entrance does not have a platform for you to stand on, so you must use Olmec as he drowns in lava as the platform. Therefore, whichever strategy you pick to kill Olmec, you must ensure he drowns in the correct location (the Necronomicon will lead you to the correct vertical location by ticking as you get closer to it). You will have a narrow margin of time to stand on him as you enter Hell before he drowns too deep, so you must stand on him at exactly the right time, while also taking care to avoid the Magma Men which spawn from the lava and can jump high enough to hurt you.
  • When using the 5-bomb-method to enter hell, it may be a good idea to let Olmec pound the ground above the hell entrance once. Then lure Olmec far enough away to allow yourself to dig a hole with 5 bombs. If you do this, you will not take the chance of Olmec spawning monsters when pounding down into the lava.


  • It is possible to drain the lava under Olmec's Lair. To do so, you must carry a spare jetpack (which you can only do while wearing another jetpack) to the level, dig a hole to the lava, and sink the jetpack into the lava, giving it enough time to reach the bottom. Then, have Olmec do a "pounding" jump into the lava, sinking directly above the jetpack. When Olmec reaches the bottom, he will crush the jetpack, resulting in an explosion which drains the lava, exposing a secondary empty chamber. The only advantage is the ability to get the gems at the very bottom of the floor, but that's it. See this performed by Baertaffy for an example. This, notably, 'reactivates' Olmec's AI, and he will jump around should the player enter range.


  • "Made it" (40Gamerscore icon.png) - Complete the game. (Guide)
  • "Ironman" (30Gamerscore icon.png) - Complete the game without using shortcuts. (Guide)
  • "Speedlunky" (10Gamerscore icon.png) - Complete the game in under 8 minutes. No shortcuts. (Guide)
  • "Low Scorer" (10Gamerscore icon.png) - Complete the game without collecting any treasure. No shortcuts. (Guide)
  • "Good Teamwork" (10Gamerscore icon.png) - Complete the game with at least two players alive. No shortcuts. (Guide)


  • Sometimes the Spelunker might get hit and stunned when too close to Olmec when he stomps or rises; this does not happen all the time and seems to happen more often on the right side than the left one. It's unknown what causes it, other than being close to Olmec.


A Hawkman guides some cavemen in worship of the giant idol...

Olmec is the final boss of Spelunky. It is located in Olmec's Lair, at the end of the Temple on level 16.

Upon entering the final level, the Spelunker sees a Hawkman leading a group of cavemen to worship the giant figure, which is encrusted with dirt and covered in vines from years of lying dormant. Upon sensing the intruder, the ancient totem awakens and rises into the air.
The Hawkman is knocked unconscious as the Cavemen attempt to flee, the slowest of which is crushed beneath Olmec as it smashes down. The Giant figure then rises into the air again and approaches the Spelunker.

By defeating Olmec, the Spelunker earns the Giant Idol and wins the game.


...which promptly goes homicidally insane.

Olmec is very similar to the final boss of Super Mario Bros. 3.
It cannot be damaged by conventional attacks, and touching it anywhere while it's moving will kill you instantly. There is one safe spot on the boss - the very top of the head.

To attack, Olmec rises into the air and hovers briefly before landing. If the Spelunker is underneath it during the hover, it will smash down. This destroys the blocks it lands on, and causes clusters of yellow energy to shoot from its gem that transform into enemies when they hit the ground.


The only way to destroy Olmec is to force it to drop into the lava pool that spans the bottom of the level, beneath the ten layers of brick that make up the floor.
This is possible to do simply by running underneath it, but is much easier if you thin the floor out with bombs or by digging with a mattock.

Although touching Olmec while it's moving is dangerous, if you can climb on top of it while it is stationary you can ride the figure as it jumps, allowing you to reach the treasure in the upper parts of the level without the use of a rope.

When fighting Olmec, remember that defeating the boss only causes a door to appear at the far right side of the level. You still need to get to it in order to win the game, so be sure you have some means of reaching the exit once the boss smashed has through most of the floor.

The key element in this fight is to remember to have a place to go when Olmec jumps, aside from under him.

Olmec moves very slowly horizontally, only one square per 'jump'. You can gain time to dig a pit trap by moving to one side of the level and waiting for him to follow you, then running back to the other side, digging a pit through to the lava there using bombs. Stand on the far side of your trap and the Giant Head will have no choice but to follow and fall in.


The final boss is called "Olmec" in some places in the Source Code, indicating the boss is inspired by the colossal heads of the Olmec civilization.


A typical example of how Olmec's chamber generates

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