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Octopy are an enemy in Spelunky 2.

They are uncommon enemies encountered in Tide Pool and Abzu.


Octopy can initially be seen wandering around slowly, pacing left and right.

If they spot a spelunker in front of them, they shoot a blinding black ink that obscures the Spelunker's screen and briefly falters them. off of any mount. Regardless of whether or not the ink hits the spelunker, they charge in the direction they initially saw them from, even running off of ledges.

Octopy ink does not affect spelunkers who are wearing Spectacles or are still wet from entering Water.

If the spelunker gets above an Octopy, it jumps up in an attempt to ram them with its crown of serrated barnacles, dealing 1 damage, shooting them upwards, and stunning them.

If the player has Spring Shoes, the crown of barnacles will not harm the player, who will simply bounce off of the Octopy. With Spike Shoes, the Spelunker is both immune to the barnacles and able to harm the Octopy with a stomp, killing them instantly.


  • The crown of barnacles on the head of Octopy functions similarly to the horns on Devils from Spelunky HD.
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