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Neo Babylon is the final main area of the caves in Spelunky 2. The Aliens and Olmites continue to clash within the ancient city of the future, creating a chaotic battleground of destruction.

Neo Babylon takes its gameplay mechanics from both The Mothership and Hell from the original Spelunky HD adventure, most notably the return of Elevators and Forcefields mixed in with Lava and the spiritual successor to Spike Balls; Spark Traps.


Neo Babylon is the city of the Olmites. Being the creatures of creation that they are, have constructed a large city with the conflicting themes of past and future. It consists of tight corridors full of deadly traps and enemies.

Multiple UFOs can be seen around the area, attacking any player, Olmite, or Lamassu under them.

Laser Traps, Forcefields, Crushing Elevators, and Spark Traps litter the area, creating a haphazard environment for every entity, both friendly and enemy. Some portions of the city even contain large quantities of Lava.

As Spark Traps litter the area, chaos ensues once the player is close enough to activate them, launching ignited Olmites in unpredictable directions, crashing UFOs, and creating sudden explosions.

Occasionally, the player may encounter pens containing foreign creatures from other areas, being Yetis, untamed Mounts, and Cavemen.

A full level of 6-2 of Neo Babylon. The entrance into the Ushabti room can be seen at the bottom of the middle of the level.

6-1: Sparrow

The room where the entrance to Sparrow's building can be found in 6-1.

If the player successfully stole The Tusk Idol from Madame Tusk, Sparrow can be found in a sub area in 6-1. Speaking to her here will unlock the last step of her questline, where she helps you steal from Tusk's vault in 6-3.

6-2: Ushabti Room

Exploring the Ushabti room.

6-2 will always contain the entrance into a massive sub area filled with all 100 possible types of Ushabti and deadly crushing elevators. With the Tablet of Destiny, one can identify and find the correct Ushabti that the player needs to carry over to the next level to get their hands on the Qilin.

6-3: Palace of Pleasure, Qilin Escort

The entrance into Madame Tusk's Palace of Pleasure.

If Madame Tusk did not die in Tide Pool, her Palace of Pleasure will spawn in 6-3. If the player was invited to the Palace of Pleasure because of their actions in the Tide Pool Die House, they may enjoy the many luxuries inside, such as Royal Jelly or a Four-Leaf Clover. More aggressively, the player also can fight off Tusk's Bodyguards as they raid the place and break into the Vault at the bottom of the Palace, with or without the assistance of Sparrow.

Additionally, if the player brought the correct Ushabti from 6-2, it will "hatch" into the Qilin. The player will want to escort the Qilin into the next level, so that they may use it to advance to the Sunken City.

6-4: Tiamat's Throne

6-4 will always be Tiamat's Throne, where the player can battle Queen Tiamat and beat the game the normal way, or use the Qilin or another method to travel to the Sunken City.





  • Neo Babylon has obvious Mesopotamian influence in its levels. The Babylon was an empire in Mesopotamia and one of the first civilizations in known kind.
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