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NPCs are Non-Player Characters encountered throughout the caves. Many of them offer questlines or services, each of which are elaborated on their respective pages.

List of NPCs[]

Terra Tunnel Full S2
Hired Hand Full S2
Eggplant Child Full S2
Shopkeeper Full S2
Tun Full S2
Yang Full S2
Madame Tusk Full S2
Tusk's Bodyguard Full S2
Waddler Link S2
Caveman Link S2
Ghist Link S2
Van Horsing Full S2
Parsley Full S2
Parsnip Full S2
Parmesan Full S2
Sparrow Full S2
Beg Full S2
Eggplant King Full S2

Kali does not have a entry in the journal, but is regardless an important part of many runs.

Kali Altar S2