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For the cat variant of mummies, see Cat Mummy (2).

Mummies are an enemy in Spelunky 2.

They rarely appear in Temple of Anubis and The City of Gold.

Spawn Locations

Mummies are not spawned randomly throughout the level like most enemies, and instead only spawn as part of particular rooms that may generate in a level.

There are 5 possible Mummy rooms in Temple of Anubis, 2 Mummy rooms in The City of Gold, and 1 Mummy room in Temple of Anubis-themed Cosmic Ocean levels.

Below images are taken from Modlunky 2's level editor for cleaner viewing.

Temple of Anubis

The City of Gold

Cosmic Ocean

As there are 5 different entrance rooms for Temple of Anubis-themed Cosmic Ocean levels, there is effectively a 1/5 chance that levels contain a Mummy.


Mummies have 10 HP and deal 2 damage on contact with the spelunker. They wander in a horizontal line forward, mindlessly walking off of ledges instead of turning around.

If a spelunker gets within a Mummy's range, its mouth extends before spewing a swarm of flies and vomiting 6 blood droplets on the ground. Mummy flies deal 2 damage on contact, although unlike in Spelunky HD do not stun spelunkers on hit. Flies can hurt other entities (such as enemies) and each have 1 HP, disappearing after touching anything, including walls, items, and corpses.

Mummies instantly die to any fire-based attacks or to the flash of a Camera, and also have a 1/10 chance of dropping a Diamond on death. They are immune to being stomped on without Spike Shoes, but may be whipped.

The 6 blood droplets released every time a Mummy attacks can be farmed with the Kapala for rapid HP gain.

Version History

Disclaimer: All content from Version 1.25 and onwards are currently unavailable on PS4.
In Europe, Africa, Middle East & Oceania, all content after Version 1.20.4d are also unavailable on PS4. This is due to multiple reasons, although content will be available in the future.

1.22.6 (Switch)

  • Prevented HHs from attacking mummies
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