Mothership (2)


The Mothership is a hidden backlayer area in Spelunky 2's Ice Caves.


The Mothership entrance is always found just out of the camera's reach in The Abyss of the Ice Caves. It will always randomly spawn in one of three different locations every run.

It is easily found by the player with the help of the Alien Compass, but can also be entered via other means.


The Mothership consists of five floors. From bottom to top:

  • Floor 1: The entrance, with numerous Forcefields.
  • Floor 2: Lahamu. guarding her on both sides are a Forcefield and Generator that produces Proto Shopkeepers and, rarely, hostile Shopkeepers.
    • Killing Lahamu permanently disables all Forcefields in the area.
    • Also on this floor is a Coffin that resembles a green alien pod that contains Pilot, or a Hired Hand if they were unlocked in a previous run.
  • Floor 3: A Plasma Cannon guarded by four forcefields.
    • Causing a nearby explosion or killing Lahamu will allow access to it.
  • Floor 4: A large pen containing multiple Proto Shopkeeper/Shopkeeper Generators.
  • Floor 5: A large vat of green liquid containing a giant old man that resembles a Shopkeeper.

The Shopkeepers that spawn from the Mothership's Generators are technically a separate entity from regular Shopkeepers, and as such attacking or killing them does not anger Shopkeepers for later levels nor does it count towards Criminalus.


  • The giant old man at the top of the Mothership is implied to be "The Original Man", a figure mentioned in the Proto Shopkeeper journal entry.
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