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Mosquitoes are an enemy in Spelunky 2.

Mosquitoes primarily spawn in Jungle, but can also be summoned by Tiamat.


Mosquitoes wander around by flying across the level, flying in random cardinal direction at regular intervals. They make a loud buzzing sound everywhere they go.

If the spelunker gets within a Mosquito's line of sight, it begins buzzing with a higher pitch as it shoots forwards in a straight line. They will continue charging in this manner until they are killed or hit a wall, in which case they become stuck for 6 seconds.

The flash of a Camera kills Mosquitoes instantly, and Wooden Shields are capable of crushing Mosquitoes and Mosquitoes alone against a wall, killing them.

Mosquitoes drop twice as much blood as standard enemies, being four drops instead of two. This makes them useful for filling the Kapala.

Mosquitoes also have an approximately 1/1000 chance of dropping a Hoverpack.

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