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Environmental hazards aren't the only danger the Spelunkers encounter on their adventure. The caves of Spelunky are filled with all sorts of dangerous beasts, evil monsters, and angry old men.

This page lists all entities listed under the "Monsters" section in Spelunky HD's Journal, hostile or otherwise.

Snake HD
Cobra HD
Bat HD
Spider HD
Spinner Spider HD
Giant Spider HD
Skeleton HD
Scorpion HD
Caveman HD
Damsel 1 HD
Shopkeeper HD
Tunnel Man HD
Scarab HD
Tiki Man HD
Frog HD
Fire Frog HD
Giant Frog HD
Mantrap HD
Piranha HD
Old Bitey HD
Killer Bee HD
Queen Bee HD
Snail HD
Monkey HD
Golden Monkey HD
Jiang Shi HD
Green Knight HD
Black Knight HD
Vampire HD
Ghost HD
Bacterium HD
Worm Egg HD
Worm Baby HD
Yeti HD
Yeti King HD
Mammoth HD
Alien HD
Alien Tank HD
Alien Lord HD
Alien Queen HD
Hawk Man HD
Croc Man HD
Magma Man HD
Scorpion Fly HD
Mummy HD
Anubis HD
Anubis II HD
Olmec HD
Vlad HD
Imp HD
Devil HD
Succubus HD
Horse Head HD
Ox Face HD
King Yama Full HD