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Environmental hazards aren't the only danger the Spelunkers encounter on their adventure. The caves of Spelunky are filled with all sorts of dangerous beasts, evil monsters and angry old men.


Dangerous monsters tend to follow specific sets of behavioral guidelines:

  • Some monsters do not react to the player's presence, and simply act as static hazards that must be avoided (eg. Snake, Hang Spider, Mantrap, Giant Fly).
  • Most enemies will react to and attack the player in response to their proximity (eg; Bat, Lahamu, Flying Fish).
  • Some creatures can only see in front of them, and will not react to the player if their back is turned, granting opportunities for surprise attack or for sneaking past (eg. Caveman, Horned Lizard, Tiki Man, Octopy, Croc Man).
  • Other creatures simply have a shorter range of vision from behind, and will provoke if approached too closely, and may even trigger or attempt to attack the player through walls (eg. Cat Mummy, Yeti Queen, Sorceress).

Despite these general guidelines, all monsters have their own unique style of attack, and even the weakest enemies are easily capable of killing the Spelunker or leaving them vulnerable to much more dangerous threats.


Below is a list of all creatures in Spelunky 2's bestiary, hostile or otherwise.


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