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Monkeys are an enemy in Spelunky 2.

Monkeys spawn on climbable vines in Jungle, but can also be spawned by Tiamat.


Monkeys leap at the spelunker or similar targets if they get within two tiles of them, attempting to cling to their back. After a random amount of time, the monkey rustles around in their inventory and does one of the following while jumping off:

  • Stuns the target.
  • Flings out a rope pile. It cannot do this if there is less than 3 rope.
  • Removes a gold nugget, deducting the same amount from the spelunker's money count.
  • Throws a live bomb out of the spelunker's inventory. If the Spelunker has Paste The bomb will be stuck to the Monkey.
  • Removes the current back item (such as a Cape), if the Spelunker is wearing one.

If none of these are possible, the Monkey will simply default to stunning the Spelunker.

Once a Monkey is on the spelunker, it can only be removed by waiting for it to complete its "prank" or by killing it. This can be done by Using a large enough hitbox to reach the Monkey (such as throwing a corpse or using a Machete), using up a rope to kill it on its way up, or by having a friendly spelunker or Hired Hand kill it for them.

Monkeys also cling to other entities, such as Cavemen, Tiki Men, Witch Doctors, or even Pets. As they have no inventory, it only leaves the victim stunned for about a second, and causes them to drop whatever item they were holding.

Monkeys can remove treasure from Hired Hands, deducting from the player's money count. Monkeys that latch onto NPCs such as Shopkeepers or other entities that are immune to the whip will be unable stun them or affect them in any way.

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