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Diamond treasure
Largeemerald treasure
Smallemerald treasure
Largeruby treasure

Collecting Edit


Money is the primary focus of Spelunky. It functions as the main scoring system, and can be obtained in various ways:

  • Collecting treasure scattered around the levels in pots, chests and hidden in blocks.
  • Bringing an Idol from an Altar to the level exit, or selling it to a Shopkeeper
  • Rolling 8 or above in a Dice House
  • The shopkeeper will drop some gold when he is killed.
  • The value of gems will be increased by the ghost, known as ghostrunning


The main purpose of money is to boost your score. When you die or clear the game, the current amount of money you're carrying will be recorded as your final score. There are also a few other uses for money:

  • Buying items from the shops hidden around the levels
  • Paying the Tunnel Man to dig shortcuts.

If you use your money to pay for something, it will be subtracted from your final score and will not be counted.

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