Tastes Like Spelunky is a major modification of the original Spelunky, in which the Spelunker is replaced by a ManTrap, along with other changes. The current version is v6.0.


Tastes Like Spelunky Title Screen

The New Protagonist

There are major gameplay changes, such as eating items to gain their powers and each item having a certain slot for itself, item combos that unleash new effects, a calories system and mantrap shops since shopkeeper shops can no longer be used, several new items, such as a grappling hook, and major bug fixes. In addition, there also many graphical changes, including the removal of moneys, gems, and diamonds, all of which are replaced by foods. The Tastes Like Spelunky level editor is also a major overhaul of the original, allowing every object in the game, checkpoints, choosing which area for the level border, custom signs and NPC ManTraps, and much more!


Tastes Like Spelunky Thread → Current version may always be downloaded here.

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