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Spelunky Shopkeep title screen

Spelunky Shopkeep is a mod that allow the players to play as the shopkeeper. The final version is 1.9.2.


As the shopkeeper, he carries a shotgun as his default weapon. To balance the gameplay, the shotgun uses ammo. You start the game with 7 shells and more can be found in crates, pots, and bought in shops. When your shells are depleted, the attack button instead "pistol whips" enemies with the butt of the shotgun, which acts just like the Spelunker's whip.
Shells in shop

Shoppy buys some ammo

Additionaly, since the players come pre-equipped with a shotgun, the original unlimited shotgun is not available to buy nor use, instead, all shotguns are replaced with boxes of seven shells.

Spelunker now runs all the shops, dice houses, and kissing booths. He will act exactly as the shopkeeper does in normal Spelunky, including having a shotgun as his defence against violators.

Shoppy's jump is slightly higher than the Spelunker. For this reason, he starts with 2 ropes rather than the default 4. It forces you to re-learn the distance and height a bit, and gives a little more exploration option.

A few other little bug-fix type changes were made, but don't really affect gameplay. Namely, the Damsel reverse stereo bug, ball and chain held item bug. Additionally, music will play between levels until area changes (for longer custom music), and most shopkeeper names were changed to members of Mossmouth forums (including Derek).

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