Spelunky Mage is a mod created by Pteriforever. You can get it at


-Mushrooms are very common in area 1, but are exponentially less common in every area after that. They are immobile enemies with 7hp.

-Rare red potions restore 1 life

-Magic fountains restore life up to a maximum of 3, but are very rare.

-Nine different magic spells used by pressing D. They are obtained by collecting magic balls.

-- 1: Yellow. You can create flares whenever you want.

-- 2: Cyan. This is a fairly damaging wind spell, but it can only harm things to the sides.

-- 3: Blue. You can create a platform above you whenever you want.

-- 4: Light blue. This one is another damaging spell. It fires normal sparkles straight up.

-- 5: Pink. A very versatile spell, this one creates a star shape of sparkles.

-- 6: Orange. Lets you summon fire frogs.

-- 7: Green. Lets you create ice barriers.

-- 8: Purple. Lets you create mattocks whenever you like.

-- 9: Red. Summons magma men.

-New thwomp traps.

-Evil piggies that appear in the ice caves, because they are usually very easy compared to the rest of the game.

Treasure ChangesEdit

The values of the treasures are different in Spelunky Mage, and there are more different kinds.

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