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Sans as a Spelunky Classic Skin

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Spelunky Cata Edition by Catalystl is a mod for the Classic version of Spelunky. It makes the game family-friendly so you can play it in school or in front of your grandma without being reprimanded. Examples include blood being changed into coins and shotguns being replaced with water guns. Unfortunately, many stale memes have been added to the game because the creator's friend begged him to do so.

Oh and the Damsel is replaced by Sans.

Full Download (Contains all the files needed for Spelunky Classic: Spelunky Cata Edition

Exe Download (Replace your Spelunky.exe with this to run the mod): Spelunky Cata Edition Exe


  • Blood is replaced with Coins (that you can't pick up)
  • Jaws/Old Bitey has no blood on their jaws
  • Piranhas aren't bloody
  • Spikes don't turn bloody
  • Kali's Altar has no blood on it
  • Shotgun & Pistol are now Water Guns
  • Shotgun firing sound is replaced with the Item Pickup Sound
  • Alien Lord's Death Animation has no blood

Random Changes

  • Damsel changed to Sans 
  • Bombs changed to Roblox Player Head
  • Shotgun changed to Water Gun
  • Pistol changed to Slightly Uglier Water Gun
  • Machete changed to Lightsaber
  • Scepter changed to Golden Roblox Head
  • Mattock changed to Diamond Pickaxe
  • Crates changed to Amazook Crates (I don't know what those are)
  • Chests changed to Amazook Brokes (I made that up)
  • Rock changed to Sprite Cranberry
  • Random Crap added to the Title Screen
  • Sticky Bombs changed to Spazzing Roblox Head
  • Shotgun blasts make an Item Pickup Sound (sounds like bubbles I guess)
  • Bomb Pickups have a Roblox Face on them
  • Flare Crates have a Spazzing face on them
  • Stars Room description says "game end" instead of "kill"
  • Tunnel Man's animations are screwed up