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Mech Riders are powerful enemies that are found in the Ice Caves and in Neo Babylon. They pilot MOYA-class mechanized armor and attack their adversaries with incredibly powerful attacks.


Mechs in The Ice Caves are always piloted by Aliens, while seized mechs in Neo Babylon are always piloted by Olmites.

Mech Riders will punch the player if they get close, swiftly flinging them backwards. If the player is on the same horizontal level as them and not in range of their punch attack, they will briefly crouch down and very quickly fire a Plasma Cannon shot at them.

When the rider is relieved from the mech, it is a mount up for grabs for the player.

Mechs are immune to whipping, cannot be stomped on, and entities other than players cannot get back into the pilot seat of Mechs.


  • The best way to kill a Mech Rider is simply to stomp on the pilot, killing Aliens instantly or damaging and knocking Olmites out of the seat.
  • A player should be extremely careful when dealing with mechs, particularly in Neo Babylon, where its tight corridors and abundant Forcefields may spell death for the player.
    • Because of this, some players recommend not to deal with mechs at all after relieving the mech of its pilot, due to their volatility.

Mech as a Mount

The MOYA-class mechanized armor is a very slow, yet powerful mount.

A player will have to make each and every step while moving forward with the mech, giving it a mechanical feeling to movement. Crouching will enable the mech's treads attached to its rear end and within its feet, allowing the player to slide across the floor.

When piloting the mech, a player can use its fist attack by pressing the whip button, destroying any blocks in their way and flinging any enemies aside. Crouching while inside will arm the Plasma Cannon embedded in its chest, allowing the player to fire it with little recoil.

The mech is also equipped with a Jetpack, although it is no more powerful than the actual item version and so cannot lift the gigantic machine very far off the ground, with a pitiful max height of three tiles.

As a mech takes further damage, it will begin letting off cosmetic sparks, increasing in frequency the lower its health is. If the mech is depleted of its 10 health, then it initiates a self-destruct and will cause a large explosion comparable to a bomb thrown while wearing a Powerpack.

Due to their massive size, mechs cannot be taken outside of the level the player finds them in.

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