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Mantraps are a kind of enemy found in the Jungle.
These carnivorous plants are one of the few non-boss enemies with an instant kill attack, and are therefore rather dangerous.


Mantraps will eat the Spelunker for an instant kill, even when jumped on from above. However with spike shoes, the Spelunker can kill Mantraps in a single hit by jumping on them.
Whipping a Mantrap will damage and stun it for a few seconds, though care must be taken to avoid getting too close to the plant when whipping.

They will eat Cavemen, Shopkeepers, or Damsels who contact them, after which the Mantrap will yawn and be stunned for a brief time. During this yawn, the Mantrap may still eat other characters that touch it.

A Mantrap feasting upon a caveman, then the player

Because Mantraps move very slowly and cannot jump or fall off ledges, they can usually quite easily be defeated from afar, by throwing objects at it, attacking it with a ranged weapon or blowing it up with a bomb.

Like other stunnable enemies, the Mantrap may be picked up, thrown and sacrificed at an altar. But beware - if the Mantrap wakes up while you are carrying it, it will eat you without hesitation.

Mantraps vs. Shopkeepers

Although being eaten whole by a Mantrap is enough to kill a normal human being, it takes more than that to finish off a subterranean Merchant.
Any Shopkeeper that is consumed by a Mantrap, even a dead shopkeeper, will blast his way out of its gut in a shower of leaves and sap, and then proceed to rampage around the level. Killing the plant while it's stunned will only hasten this process, so be wary of attempting to kill a stunned Mantrap using the Shopkeeper's dropped shotgun.

However, note that the furious shopkeeper will (surprisingly) not be angry at you - he will be angry at life, and as such, you will gain no 'wanted level' for shopkeepers enraged in this fashion (Unless of course you kill the maniacal Shopkeeper or loot his unattended store). This gives an effective way of robbing the Black Market without attracting the shopkeepers' wrath, as, when the shopkeeper escapes from the Mantrap and flees his shop, all of the shop items that aren't in the frozen region will become yours for the taking.

Even so, he will still attempt to perforate you should you get too close, so it's best to simply avoid him while you make your way to the exit.

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