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Mantraps are dangerous carnivorous plants found in the Jungle. They can kill a Spelunker instantly, regardless of health.


Mantraps will move back and forth, occasionally stopping and turning around once meeting a ledge. Lacking eyes, they do not react to the player or similar entities approaching.

As soon as the player touches a Mantrap's hitbox, they are instantly killed after being pulled into its mouth.

Mantraps eat any creature that touches them, including corpses thrown at them as well as critters. After eating something, they become stunned for roughly a second while they digest their meal.

It is possible to survive touching a Mantrap while holding a body or riding a mount. The Mantrap will instead eat the body that the Spelunker is holding, or the mount that is being ridden, only dealing 1 damage to the Spelunker.

NPCs have the unique ability of breaking out of Mantraps, killing the creature in the process. If the player kills the Mantrap while a Shopkeeper is inside by using rope or any other form of attack, they may freely steal all of their shop's wares without angering them. This is not the case with Tun or any other NPC, who can break out of Mantraps but will anger if killed while inside.

A Shopkeeper escaping a Mantrap.

Mantraps are immune to Thorny Vines, but weak to Machetes and fire-based attacks, as they will deal an extra point of damage to the plant. This means that throwing a lit torch at, or striking a Mantrap with a Machete will instantly kill them, regardless of health.

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