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Magmars are an enemy in Spelunky 2.

Magmars are found primarily in Volcana, but can rarely appear in the Duat.

They act very close mechanically to the Magma Men of previous games.


  • Spawn from, and swiftly leap out from pools of Lava towards either the left or right.
  • Deals 1 fire damage on contact, momentarily stunning and igniting what they hit.
  • Can only be killed by crushing or with the Freeze Ray, but otherwise dissipates after sometime has passed or if it falls back into lava.
  • At any point, it may perform a second jump.


  • Magmars have a reputation for entering vendor buildings such as the Moon Challenge or Yang's/a Shopkeeper's shop. While the vendor won't anger at the player from being attacked (save for Yang), will fire in the direction of the Magmar that hurt them, and the Magmar may ignite flammable items and/or vulnerable entities.
  • Magmars never spawn in lava outside of Volcana and Duat.
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