Magmars are enemies commonly found in Volcana in Spelunky 2. They are blobs of magma supposedly possessed by the spirits of previous adventurers, very close mechanically to the Magma Men of Spelunky HD and Spelunky Classic.


Magmars will emerge from lava pools and leap out after rising just above the surface for a second.

They can quickly kill unsuspecting players by sweeping them straight into lava, killing them instantly. They will roam and randomly jump occasionally when surfaced, dealing fire damage on contact. They will dissipate some time after they emerge from lava, however they are nearly impervious to attack.

The only two ways to kill a Magmar are either to crush them using a Spikeball trap or push block, or to freeze them and destroy them using either a Freeze Ray or the help of a dead player Ghist. They will occasionally leave behind a rock if killed this way.


  • Magmars will sometimes wander into shops and hurt the shopkeeper (or Tun) and sometimes even kill them, but without angering either the attacked figure or other shopkeepers.
  • If the player has given turkeys to Yang, it is not uncommon for magmars to wander into his shop, cooking the turkeys. Even though the player did not kill the turkeys, this will immediately anger Yang, although he is also vulnerable to the magmar.
  • Magmars will never spawn in Lava outside of Volcana
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