This article is about the enemy in Spelunky Classic. For the similar enemy in Spelunky 2, see Magmar.

A Magma Man is a creature sometimes found in the Temple. They are created randomly[1] when chunks of lava spurt out of lava pools and hit solid ground.


Magma Men are dangerous obstacles, but thankfully, not difficult to deal with.
They're not usually possible to kill, as they have enough health to potentially survive even a bomb blast. Luckily, they have a very short lifespan, so the best course of action is usually to simply wait until it dies by itself. If you're in a hurry or being chased by an enemy, it's not too difficult to jump over one.

They're only really dangerous if they wander too close or manage to corner you, but luckily, they move very slowly.

A Magma Man is one of the few mobile enemies that damage other enemies it comes into contact with.[2][3], but it doesn't intentionally seek other enemies out, and will only kill them on accidental contact.


  1. oLava periodically spits out chunks (spurtTime). There are two sizes of chunk: oFlame (smaller, created 7/8ths of the time) and oMagma (larger, created 1/8th of the time). oMagma when it hits something will turn into a Magma Man
  2. search for "Collision Event with object oEnemy:" in the output of "show object code" while viewing the source code
  3. see Image:MagmaManRing.png
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