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Madame Tusk is an NPC in Spelunky 2.


Madame Tusk is a affluent walrus found in her Dice House in Tide Pool or in her Palace of Pleasure in 6-3 of Neo Babylon, always guarded by at least one of her Bodyguards.

Tusk has 10 HP, and angering her also angers all surrounding Bodyguards. She chases the Spelunker down when angry, smashing through any tiles in her way to avoid becoming stuck in narrow doorways or spaces.

Dice House

A player rolling the dice at Tusk's Dice House.

Tusk will always spawn in her Dice House alongside one of her bodyguards, typically located in level 4-1 of Tide Pool.

The Dice House acts identically to the ones run by Shopkeepers, although each play costs $5,000 and the Spelunker can win up to 5 prizes. Winning all 5 prizes will cause Tusk to invite the Spelunker to her Palace of Pleasure, allowing them free entry.

Just outside of the Dice House is a locked door. Opening the locked door with a Key or Skeleton Key grants access into a small room intended to contain a valuable treasure known as The Tusk Idol. Typically, this instead contains a note from Sparrow, who stole The Tusk Idol prior. Interacting with or killing Sparrow prior to reaching the Dice House will prevent her from stealing The Tusk Idol, letting the spelunker steal it themselves.

If either Madame Tusk or her bodyguard sees the spelunker or they get within a certain radius of the spelunker while they are holding The Tusk Idol, both will anger.

Palace of Pleasure

The Entrance into Madame Tusk's Palace of Pleasure, found in 4-3 of Neo Babylon.

If Madame Tusk was not killed in Tide Pool, her Palace of Pleasure is guaranteed to spawn in 6-3 of Neo Babylon. The palace is littered with a total of 8 of Tusk's Bodyguards.

If the player won enough prizes in the Dice House to have Tusk mark them as a VIP, they may enter freely without angering Tusk or her bodyguards, provided they do not cause any trouble in or around the Palace.

The Palace of Pleasure always contains an Idol, Four-Leaf Clover, two Cooked Turkeys, and a Royal Jelly on the first and second floors, all of which can be safely taken without repercussion if the player is a VIP.

The basement contains a Kali Altar, as well as the level's Curse Pot behind a Forcefield. Beneath the basement is a large vault, containing 8 chests each containing 6-8 large gems. Passing the Ghost through these gems (thus turning them into diamonds) and collecting them will net around $540,000 to $720,000 worth of treasure, with an average of around $630,000. This vault is protected by three forcefields, a Laser Trap, a locked door, and a bodyguard in both the front and backlayer beside the door.

Numerous NPCs can be found in the Palace depending on the events of the run:

  • Tusk herself always appears at the top of the palace, welcoming the player if they entered as a VIP, seeming worried if they arrived while debuffed.
    • Talking to her here as a VIP adds a bright white star to the run's ending Constellation, having completed her quest.
  • Buying out Yang's Pet Shop will have him appear in the palace, distraught at the type of dinner being served.
  • Saving Parsnip from the Jungle will cause her to attend the party in the palace.
  • Obtaining the Alien Compass from Van Horsing makes him spawn behind the forcefield in the palace basement, having been cured of his curse and locked back up.
  • Sparrow appears just outside the palace vault if The Tusk Idol was stolen prior and she was talked to in a backlayer in 6-1. Having killed the two bodyguards and unlocked the locked door in her way, she offers to split the vault treasure with the player if they get past the forcefields.

Killing Tusk in Tide Pool prevents the Palace of Pleasure from spawning. Angering Tusk in Tide Pool but leaving her alive causes bodyguards in 6-3 to shoot the spelunker on sight.


  • Madame Tusk Link S2.png"Hello, my darling! Are you feeling lucky tonight?" - Entering Madame Tusk's Dice House.
  • Madame Tusk Link S2.png"Thank you for the $5,000! Let's see what the dice have in store for you!" - Paying for a round of Tusk's dice game.
  • Madame Tusk Link S2.png"Ah, a roll of #! Better luck next time, my darling./Fortune is smiling on you!/You won a prize, my darling!" - Completing the dice game, and the numbers on the dice add up to less than seven, add up to more than seven, or add up to exactly seven.
  • Madame Tusk Link S2.png"High roller, eh! Come see me at my Palace of Pleasure..." - Winning a prize five times, causing Tusk to mark the spelunker as a VIP.
  • Madame Tusk Link S2.png"Sorry, my darling... you've completely cleaned us out!" - Reentering Tusk's Dice House after winning all five prizes.
  • Madame Tusk Link S2.png"This will be a lovely addition to my collection!" - Selling an Idol to Tusk in her Dice House.
  • Madame Tusk Angry S2.png"There's nothing I hate more than a THIEF!" - Stealing a dice from Tusk's Dice House.
  • Madame Tusk Angry S2.png"Why, you're a nasty piece of work!" - Vandalizing Tusk's Dice House.
  • Madame Tusk Link S2.png"Oh, it's you! Please rest and enjoy my food!" - Seeing Madame Tusk again in the Palace of Pleasure, as a VIP.
  • Madame Tusk Link S2.png"Oh my, you arrived in such a condition?!" - Seeing Madame Tusk again as a VIP in the Palace of Pleasure, while under the effects of a debuff.


  • Madame Tusk is a reference to the Walrus Lady from Spelunky Classic.
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