Madame Tusk is a large walrus that can be found in Tide Pool and Neo Babylon. She appears to be, or is at least a reference to The Walrus Lady from Spelunky Classic.

Spelunkers can gamble at her dice house in Tide Pool to win money and prizes, as well as VIP permission into her Palace of Pleasure in 6-3 of Neo Babylon If they win 5 times.

As Tusk is excessively rich, the player can steal from her and gain massive quantities of treasure by stealing The Tusk Idol and/or breaking into her vault.


Dice House

A player rolling the dice at Tusk's Dice House.

Tusk will always spawn in her dice house alongside one of her bodyguards, typically located level 4-1 of Tide Pool. Her dice house invites the player to spend $5,000 and roll the dice for the opportunity at a prize.

Getting anything above 7 will double the players money, while getting anything below 7 will give the player nothing, and getting exactly 7 will open up the prize behind a forcefield for the player. The reward behind the forcefield can range from common items like Rope Piles or extremely valuable items like Jetpacks, with every item having the exact same chance of appearing as a reward.

Whipping the dice while it is midair will cause it to always roll either a 1 or a 6. This is not considered cheating and will not anger Tusk or the bodyguard. This can be used to easily roll 7s over and over.

If the player wins a prize 5 times, they will be commended by Tusk and be invited to see her in her Palace of Pleasure in Neo Babylon.

Her shop also has a locked door. If the player met Sparrow, The Tusk Idol will be found behind the door. Otherwise, a mocking note from Sparrow will be in it's place, reading "Too bad. I got here first."

Madame Tusk and her bodyguard will both anger if the player:

  • Takes out or picks up a dice outside of the dice house.
  • Rolls the same dice again during the game (considered cheating).
  • Is seen holding The Tusk Idol by either her or the bodyguard.
  • Attacks Tusk or the Bodyguard.

When Tusk is angered, she will plow through any blocks in her way to reach the player. If she does, she will throw the player repeatedly until they die.

Palace of Pleasure

The Entrance into Madame Tusk's Palace of Pleasure, found on Neo Babylon.

Later on, in Neo Babylon 6-3, the player will run into Madame Tusk's Palace of Pleasure, littered with a total of 8 Bodyguards.

If the player rolled enough 7s in the Dice House to have Tusk mark them as a VIP, they may freely enter without fear of angering Tusk or her bodyguards, provided they do not cause any trouble in or around the Palace.

Along with the main entrance with a bodyguard serving as a bouncer, there is a locked backdoor lower down in the level that leads into the Palace's vault, guarded by another Bodyguard.

If Tusk is killed in Tide Pool, the Palace of Pleasure will not spawn.

There are four floors inside, with the player entering in on the second. Each floor is littered with bodyguards.

  • The first two floors are the main palace. A four-leaf clover, an idol, two cooked turkeys, and a royal jelly can be found here. Tusk will appear in the top floor of the area, alongside Parsnip and Yang if the player completed their respective quests. The idol may be taken without angering Tusk or the bodyguards.
  • The third floor down is the basement, always containing a Kali Altar. On the right side of the basement the player can find a Curse Pot covered in bone blocks and Van Horsing if they completed his entire questline (by obtaining the Alien Compass), both behind a Forcefield.
  • The bottom floor is the vault. It will have three forcefields blocking the player from eight chests containing large amounts of gems. Destroying these forcefields or anything else in the palace will anger Tusk and her bodyguards, although it is possible to access the chests without angering Tusk by teleporting inside.
    • If the player successfully stole The Tusk Idol from the Dice House and met with Sparrow again in 6-1 of Neo Babylon, she will have unlocked the backdoor into the vault and dispatched of both Bodyguards between the entrance and the chests in the vault. The player will then be able to split the loot with Sparrow, or betray her and take all of the loot for themselves.
    • Passing The Ghost through all of the gems that the chests in the vault contain will typically award the player with just a little over $600,000 worth of diamonds, making plundering and Ghosting the vault one of the most straightforward ways to earn a massive amount of treasure for high score runs and the "Millionaire" achievement.

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