The machete is a melee held weapon that improves upon the player's whip. It gives increased damage, range, and can attack enemies while stunned. It can be found in crates, and weapon shops.


While an upgrade from the whip, the machete can be hard to juggle due to it requiring the player to hold over other items like damsels, idols, or other weapons. This makes its usage a bit limited.

Notably different from HD is the fact that the machete now destroys corpses upon killing them. If used in conjunction with the Kapala, this can allow for more blood. Furthermore, it can slice away webs and certain vegetation in the jungle.

Note: can stun a Horned Lizard while it is rolling if timed correctly.


The Machete is an improved melee weapon that does more damage and has more range than the whip.

It may be found for sale in weapon shops, and is also sometimes found in crates.


The Machete causes two points of damage, requiring fewer strikes than the whip to kill tough enemies that have more than one hit point. Unlike the Mattock, it can be swung in mid-air.

It also hits stunned enemies, so you don't have to wait for them to wake up to finish them off.

The Machete can also be used to move quickly through spider webs, slicing through them with a single swing.

The downside of the Machete is that it must be carried in the hands, which makes it difficult to keep around when you need to carry other things (such as Damsels, torches or Golden Idols).


  • When using the machete to attack a Damsel without moving her at all, the game will display her as still alive and will still make her call for help until you pick her up, hit her with some other weapon, or affect the ground underneath her



The machete's attack animation.

The Machete is the most powerful of the three melee weapons in Spelunky Classic.
It can be bought in weapon shops or occasionally found in a crate.

It swings faster and does more damage (in a combo) than either the whip or the mattock, but must also be carried in the hands, making it difficult to 'juggle' when you wish to carry other items such as a Golden Idol.


When the action key is pressed, the Spelunker executes three swift slashes with the machete, which cover an approximately 90 degree arc in front of and above him.

The machete has several advantages over the whip:

  • While each strike only does one point of damage, the full combo hits three times in rapid succession. The damage it deals is enough to kill tougher enemies like Cavemen and Mantraps in a single combo, and makes it much easier to wear down powerful enemies like a Giant Spider.
  • It can do damage to certain enemies that are immune to the whip, such as Yetis.
  • It allows you to attack stunned enemies without having to wait for them to wake up.
  • It has slightly more range than the whip, and the lack of the backswing means there is no delay before attacking.
    While this also means it won't hit enemies that happen to be behind you, the wider arc of attack in front makes up for this as it is easier to hit enemies attacking from above, such as Bats and Frogs.
  • The machete cuts apart spider webs instantly.

Despite all of this, it may be more trouble than it's worth to juggle the machete with other carried items such as Golden Idols and damsels, and is almost completely inferior to ranged weapons such as the shotgun.
On the plus side, it is cheaper to purchase, easier to find and remains an excellent upgrade to the whip, both in terms of function and style.


Originally, the Machete was a much weaker weapon with no real benefits over the whip. In response to feedback from players, Derek agreed that it needed a buff.

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