Loose Platforms are a commonly found hazard in The Ice Caves and rarely in Hell.


Loose Platforms are unstable ledges that will fall straight down shortly after the Spelunker touches them, the platform breaks upon touching the ground if it falls more than one block.

If they give way while you're standing on them, they will often drop you into hazards like Spikes, a Mine, or The Abyss. They will also instantly kill anything they hit on the way down, so be cautious of loose platforms suspended above you. If a loose platform lands on a mine, the mine explodes instantly alike other crushed explosives.

They can be broken by some weapons such as the Whip and Shotgun. Upon landing on a ledge, the loose platform will disintegrate.


As there is a short delay before the platform falls, they can be used to cross a large gap if you move quickly enough.

You can also ride loose platforms to negate Fall Damage by standing on top of it or holding onto to the side, but always check where you're going to fall beforehand. You can jump off at the last moment to land safely if necessary.

It's also possible to land safely on spikes if you are hanging from the side of the falling platform, if you stand on top you will die after falling in the spikes once the platform breaks.

Platforms suspended above enemies can be used to kill them by knocking it down while they are directly below it.


  • If the platform breaks and the player was doing a ledge hang from the platform, the player might remain hanging from where the platform was even if it's not there anymore.
  • Sometimes when hanging from a platform with the climbing gloves slightly below the normal ledge height, the platform will remain in place and won't fall.
  • Like other moveable blocks, if a Hired Hand is thrown at a platform with the Pitcher's Mitt, the Hired Hand will bounce off while remaining unaffected by gravity until it hits another wall.
  • Like other moveable blocks, the Loose Platform can't be broken by the Ball and Chain
  • Teleporting into a loose platform will not always move you above it, which might get you killed by crushing right after teleporting.

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