Light is a mechanic that affects visibility of certain parts of dark levels. These are pitch black so portable or fixed light sources enable the Spelunker to navigate the level safely.

Sources of light

The Spelunker without a torch, the Spectacles or a stationary light source can only see about two tiles around him. A torch is provided the begining of a dark level, which doubles the radius of the field of view. If a portable torch touches an unlit stationary wall torch, it is lit. If a torch goes into water, its flame goes out, but can be relit at a lit torch on the wall sconce.

In the Mines, there are some lanterns which provide quite a lot of light. These are often present in shops, too.

Traps such as Tiki traps, crush traps and arrow traps have candles on them and provide a small amount of light - they have the radius of view equal only 1 tile from the center of them. It's neccessary because traps can't kill you absolutely unexpectedly.

Lava and water provide a small amount of light, too (half a tile out the tile).

Weapons such as the shotgun, camera, plasma cannon and bombs provide brief but flash source of light whereas the freeze ray and scepter provide next to none.

Entities like the ghost, ghosts of dead Spelunkers in co-op, scarabs and tikimen holding torches also provide light.

Radius of fields of view generated by the sources of light


  • The Spelunker:
    • without the Spectacles or any portable sources of light: 2 tiles
    • with the Spectacles: 4 tiles
    • with a Torch/Lantern: 4-5 tiles (1 tile - brightly)
    • with the Spectacles and a portable source of light: 5 tiles, brightly
    • near a lit wall torch or a lantern: 5 tiles, brightly
  • a torch: 3-4 tiles
  • a Lantern: 4-5 tiles, brightly
  • a Tiki Man with a torch: 3-5 tiles
  • a Scarab - half a tile, brightly
  • the Ghost - half a tile out her size and inside (2.5x2.5)
  • ghosts of dead Spelunkers in co-op - half a tile


  • traps (Arrow Traps, Tiki Traps, Crush Traps) - half a tile out their tiles
  • fluids (Lava, water, acid) - half a tile out a fluid
  • The Blue Light - 1.5 tile, brightly (does stack when near themselves, a bit lighter than the Mothership)


  • Camera - the entire screen, very brightly, duration - about 0.5 seconds
  • Shotgun (when firing) - 3 tiles, very brightly, duration - about 0.6 seconds
  • Plasma Cannon (when firing and hitting a wall) - 5 tiles, very brightly, duration - about 0.4 seconds
  • Bombs - 3-4 tiles, very brightly, duration - about 0.5 seconds

Brightness in levels

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