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A Level Feeling is an uncommon modifier adding special rules to the level or unique structures and enemies that do not normally generate.

A message will always display at the beginning of a level to indicate what level feeling is active. Multiple level feelings can occur on a single level, although the message will only display the level feeling with the highest priority.

List of Level Feelings

Level Feelings never occur in 1-1 of Dwelling, Duat, Ice Caves, or the Cosmic Ocean under any circumstances.

Level Feeling Description Generation
You can't see a thing!
The entire level is covered in darkness, and a lit torch will spawn at the beginning of the stage. Multiple immobile torches are mounted along the wall of the main path, and can be ignited to provide more light.
  • Spectacles and/or the Hedjet can be used to greatly increase visibility in dark levels.
  • Most traps are illuminated to mark their location, and Arrow Traps will fire ignited arrows, dealing an extra point of damage.
  • Tiki Men in Jungle carry a lit torch instead of a Boomerang, throwing it if threatened.
Your voice echoes in here...
The level has a 6x6 room layout instead of a 4x4 room layout, for a total of 36 rooms instead of 16.
  • Levels are guaranteed to not be larger if the previous level was completed in 30 seconds or less.
    • This rule is ignored by Seeded Runs.
  • Does not occur in the majority of special levels.
You hear an incessant buzzing...
A beehive occupies a portion of the level, containing multiple Bees.
A backlayer door can be found within the hive, leading to an inner portion of varying size. A Queen Bee can be found inside, which drops a Royal Jelly on death.
  • Only spawns in Jungle and Temple of Anubis.
    • In either area, beehives have a 1/10 chance of appearing in the first two levels, and a 1/8 chance of appearing in the last two levels.
  • Cannot spawn on the same level as the Black Market.
The dead are restless!

Fog covers the level, and a large structure made of gray brick spawns containing numerous gravestones with Ghists flying around them. Jiangshi, and Jiangshi Assassins also spawn around this structure, regardless of where the level feeling occurred.

The center of the structure contains a backlayer entrance, where treasure, Vampires, and the level's Curse Pot spawns.

You hear the sounds of metal clanking...
A conveyor belt system is in place along the main path of the level, moving piles of Scrap created by the many Generators in the area. The conveyor belt system leads the piles of scrap into a large lake of Lava and the level will always contain a backlayer containing more Conveyors and Scrap Generators.
There is an air of oppression here...
Along the main path is a big room containing 6 locked doors. Each of these lead to the inside of a prison cell, which may contain a Hired Hand, Bone Block, or nothing.
There are no assigned Keys to each of the cells, forcing the player to use a Skeleton Key or other means to enter.
  • Spawns only in Tide Pool, and never in 4-2 or 4-3.

Pseudo Level Feelings

These level feeling-style messages appear if certain criteria is met:


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