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A "Level Feeling" is a common feature of roguelike games that add a small chance of special themes being randomly applied to levels that play a little differently to normal.
Level feelings usually add special rules to the level, or unique structures and enemies that do not normally generate.

The name comes from how the special themes are commonly announced by exposition in roguelikes, as if the character has a vague sense of premonition about what they are about to run into.

Level feelings can stack; it is possible to have, for instance, a large restless dead level, or a dark incessant buzzing level and so forth.
Spelunky 2 Characters will always say something at the beginning of a level to indicate what level feeling is active, but in the case of multiple level feelings, it will only display one message.

Level Feelings

Dark Level

"You can't see a thing!"

Locations: Any

Terrain Features: The entire level will be covered in darkness, and a Torch will spawn at the beginning of the stage. Multiple immobile torches will be found across the level's walls and can be ignited to provide more light for the player. Most traps will be illuminated to mark their location, and Arrow Traps will fire ignited arrows, dealing 3 damage. Special music will play in a dark level, depending on which stage it occurred on.

Unique Enemies: Tiki Men carrying a torch

Notes: Spectacles and the Hedjet can be used to greatly increase visibility in dark levels. Arrow Traps in a dark-Sunken City level will lose their poison-tipped Arrows in favor of ignited arrows.

Deep Level

"Your voice echoes in here..."

Locations: Any

Terrain Features: The level have a size of 6 x 6 chunks, instead of 4 x 4 chunks.

Unique Enemies: None

Notes: Although this increases the chances for things like Golden Idol traps and Altars to spawn, the ghost timer is not increased in any fashion. Unless the player finds a Four-leaf Clover, they should make haste through the level to avoid the Ghost's wrath.

Bee Hive

"You hear an incessant buzzing..."

Locations: Jungle, Temple of Anubis

Terrain Features: A large beehive will occupy a large portion of the level, and contains multiple Bees. A sub-area door can always be found within the hive, which leads to the inner part of the hive, containing the Queen Bee, who drops a Royal Jelly on death.

Unique Enemies: Bee, Queen Bee

Restless Dead

"The dead are restless!"

A Restless Dead mausoleum in The Jungle.

Locations: Jungle, Volcana, Temple of Anubis, Tide Pool

Terrain Features: A foggy ambience will fill the level, and a large structure can be found containing multiple gravestones, Jiang Shi, and Jiangshi Assassins. Ghists will spawn floating around tombstones. A sub-area will always be found in the middle of the main structure, where inside the player can find various pieces of treasure, Vampires, and the Curse Pot.

Unique Enemies: Jiangshi Assassin, Jiangshi, Vampire

Notes: Seems to occur much more rarely than its original counterpart from Spelunky HD.

The interior of a Restless Dead mausoleum. Note the Vampire and guaranteed Curse Pot spawn.

Molten Factory

"You hear the sounds of metal clanking..."

Locations: Volcana

Terrain Features: Near the beginning of the level, a conveyor belt system is in place, along with a few objects spawning metal garbage tiles, similar to the spawners found in the Sun Challenge at Sunken City. These piles of scrap can contain any monster that can come out of pots and very rarely, contain an item like one would find in a crate. The conveyor belt system will always lead the piles of scrap into a large lake of lava and the level will always contain a sub-area containing more conveyors and scrap spawners.

Unique Enemies: None

Notes: Very rare.

Slave Cells

A few slave cells in the background.

Occurs in the Tide Pool.

"You feel an aura of oppression..."

Locations: Tide Pool

Terrain Features: Somewhere in the level, there will be a set of 6 locked doors. Each of these lead to a cell, which may contain a hired hand, bones, or nothing.

Unique Enemies: None

Guaranteed Level Feelings:

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