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Leprechauns are a rare enemy that are found in Volcana, the Jungle, Tide Pool, Temple of Anubis, and the City of Gold. Leprechauns are a guaranteed spawn in all levels with the "Voice Echoes" Level Feeling, and in ultra-rare circumstances, one may spawn when a Chest is opened.


Leprechauns are quick, and will jump around unpredictably similar to Vampires after spotting the player. If they walk over any type of Treasure, they collect it.

If they manage to make contact with the player, They will jump on the player for a second before stunning them like a monkey.

After doing this, the player will be stunned for roughly 3 full seconds and will drop several large gold nuggets, which are taken from the player's inventory. There is a small chance that a lit bomb will be removed from the players inventory with the gold when the Leprechaun attacks.

After taking treasure from an unsuspecting player, the Leprechaun will occasionally teleport away to a far away, random section of the level after doing this. The player may then relocate the Leprechaun and retrieve their money if this happens.

Because of their stunning abilities, players may use Leprechauns to enter the Duat when on 1 HP by having one stun them onto the Altar in the City of Gold.


When killed, Leprechauns will drop a Four-leaf Clover, as well as any treasure that they may have picked up, either from the player or the level itself.

A Leprechaun spawning in a level guarantees the spawn of a Pot of Gold, which may be found with the help of the Four-leaf Clover dropped by them or obtained through other means.

Unusually, Leprechauns are worth 0 favor points when sacrificed at an Altar, which means that they cannot be used to earn a reward from Kali. Regardless, Altars are still a reliable finisher after stunning a Leprechaun, as they will still drop a Four-leaf Clover after being sacrificed.


  • The gold stealing and teleporting properties of Leprechauns are likely a reference to Nethack.
  • In the Spelunky 2 game files, the audio file "leprechaun_die" is actually that of Sparrow's death sound, implying that Leprechauns may have once had a death sound before it being removed and given to Sparrow instead. This may have been because due to the developers feeling that the death sound was not fitting.


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