Lavamanders are large creatures found in Volcana. They only spawn in pools of lava. As their name implies, lavamanders are large salamander-like creatures coated in lava.


Lavamanders will hide in pools of lava. They are impervious to all damage when covered in lava.

When the player comes near, they will peep above the surface and vomit a glob of lava at the player if they stayed as close as they were. Outside of lava, the Lavamander will turn purple and hop around looking for more lava. In this state, they remain immune to explosion damage, but will take damage from all other forms of attack.

Interestingly, Lavamanders do not bleed when damaged, even when outside of lava. Due to this, it appears as if it remains immune to damage even when out of lava, as it will give off the same effect that occurs when a player tries to stomp or whip an enemy immune to either attack, such as Pangxie.

Upon death, the Lavamander will drop five rubies, or the equivalent of $10,000.

Lavamanders will never generate in lava placed outside of Volcana.


  • It is almost always best to run past Lavamanders or avoid them entirely when possible unless the player is trying to obtain their Journal entry, as their lava spitting abilities could potentially softlock the player and prevent them from progressing, or kill them outright.
  • If trying to obtain their journal entry, it is easiest to drain their lava pool with bombs and kill them when they are vulnerable. In the event that they are still in a small puddle of lava, they can be baited to vomit that lava at the player, leaving them vulnerable.
  • Bombing out a corner of their pool to drain the lava can be effective because they are too large to fit through small gaps. Afterwards whip them ten times. They will be knocked back a considerable distance with each hit, making them easy targets despite their high amount of health (once their lava is drained).
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