Lava, like water, is a fluid. It can be found in Volcana, under the floor for the 3rd phase of Olmec in Olmec's Lair, at the bottom of the third level in Tide Pool, in Duat, in Neo Babylon, as well as in Cosmic Ocean levels based on Volcana. It flows downwards and seeks its own level, just like water. There are a few differences between lava and water, however. If the player touches lava, they will die, therefore, they cannot swim in it. However, the player can still whip lava like they can whip water. If the player is riding a mount and falls into lava, the mount will die and the player will automatically jump off the mount.

Like water, lava will disappear if it touches the exit door, and will not disappear if it touches the door at the start of the level or a door that leads into a room in the background layer. Lava will also kill anything that falls into it, with the exception of Lavamanders. Magmars spawn and jump out of lava from time to time as well. Most items that fall into lava do not seem to be destroyed, such as Idols or the Golden Key. When explosives come into contact with lava, they will explode. When the bottom of ropes come into contact with lava, they will burn from the bottom up, and the top tile of the rope will remain climbable. Lava will also emit light.

Lava can be removed with the Freeze Ray, which will eventually turn it into a rock if there is a single blob of it left.

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