Lava, like water, is a fluid. It is one of the most dangerous hazards that a player can encounter in Spelunky 2.


Lava is found in large quantities in Volcana, Neo Babylon, and the Duat, as well at at the bottom of Olmec's Lair and in 4-3 of Tide Pool.

Unlike its original incantation in Spelunky HD, lava will not be expelled if a crucial block near it is destroyed; instead, it will flow normally like in real life. Lava can be moved by using projectiles or the whip.

Lava will instantly kill any entity that makes contact with it, with the exception of Lavamanders, who make their home in pools of lava. When explosives such as bombs or flammable pack items like the Jetpack come into contact with lava, they will instantly detonate. When the bottom of ropes come into contact with lava, they will slowly burn from the bottom up, and only the top tile of the rope will remain climbable when completely burned.

Most items will not be destroyed if fallen into lava, including wooden items like Hou Yi's Bow. Items can be retrieved if they are somehow isolated from the lava. One exception is the Punish Ball, which will instantly be destroyed if dropped into lava, freeing the player.

Lava in Volcana will periodically spawn Magmars, who leap out of the lava in either direction. Lava in the Duat may also spawn Magmars, albeit at a significantly lower frequency.

Like water, lava will slowly be expunged if over a main exit door, but will not if over any other type of doorway. If a single instance of lava is not united with at least a single other one, it will remove itself. Lava can also be destroyed with the Freeze Ray, which will leave behind a destructible ice cube and sometimes a rock.

"Stagnant" Lava

"Stagnant Lava" is a term for the special variety of lava that only exists in Olmec's Lair and 4-3 of Tide Pool. This variant of lava is notable for multiple reasons:

  1. Consists of bigger instances in order to reduce lag.
  2. Does not spawn Magmars, nor can it contain Lavamanders.
  3. Harder to move around, such as with the Whip or with explosives.

Oddly, Stagnant Lava is the only variant of lava that interacts with water, in which case water will be instantly evaporated when making contact with Stagnant Lava, leaving the lava itself unaffected. Normal lava that makes contact with water will simply "co-exist" with it, not interacting with one another in the slightest.


  • Lava can easily softlock the player if disturbed by explosions or Lavamanders in Volcana, so it is recommended to act quickly and plan accordingly for such situations.
  • The Big Drill almost always goes through lava, meaning that it may take a long time for the lava to completely drain down to the bottom of the level for the player to descend safely.
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