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Laser Traps are a modernization of the Arrow Trap found in Neo Babylon, firing a laser at the player if triggered.


Laser Traps are triggered identically to how Arrow Traps are, activating when a moving item or entity gets in its way.

When triggered, it fires a laser forward infinitely, disappearing once hitting an object. Contrary to how Arrows function, these lasers damage the player even if they are holding an entity (such as a corpse or Pet) as a meat shield.

Unlike Arrow Traps, Laser Traps only deal 1 damage and only momentarily falter their target instead of stunning them. Laser Traps also recharge, as indicated by the three lights on them, able to shoot again once all three lights have turned on again. This reloading process takes roughly 3 seconds.

Laser Trap lasers do not ignite Backpacks or other flammable objects, but will instantly detonate Landmines on contact, regardless of whether they are held by the player or not.

When in a good position, Laser Traps can easily get the player into much more dangerous situations, namely by knocking the player into lava/a Spark Trap (2) or repeatedly harassing them with chip damage as they pass back and forth through its line of sight.


  • The Journal entry for the Laser Trap used to have a typo, misspelling the world "triggered" as "trigged".
  • It was previously possible to avoid taking damage from a Laser Trap by remaining in point-blank range; players could simply hug the wall containing a Laser Trap to avoid taking damage. This was fixed in version 1.20.4a.
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