Laser Traps are a modernization of the Arrow Trap found in Neo Babylon, firing a laser at the player if triggered.


Laser Traps are triggered identically to how Arrow Traps are, activating when a moving item or entity gets in it's way.

When triggered, it fires a laser forward infinitely, disappearing once hitting an object.

Unlike Arrow Traps, it only deals 1 damage and only momentarily falters the player instead of stunning them. However, also unlike the Arrow Trap, it recharges, as indicated by the three lights on it, able to shoot again once all three lights have turned on again.

Strangely, a point-blank shot will not damage entities, meaning a common strategy used by players is to drop directly next to it, so that it fires and deals no damage.

Like Forcefields and unlike Spark Traps, it will not ignite explosive items such as flammable pack items (eg; Jetpack).

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