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Landmines are an explosive trap found in the Ice Caves in Spelunky 2.


An entity, such as Spelunkers, enemies, corpses, and even UFOs, that makes contact with a Landmine will begin its detonation sequence, causing it to blare three loud beeps before exploding like a bomb, with a fuse that lasts just under a second.

Items and projectiles that make contact with a Landmine will not begin the detonation sequence.

If a Landmine is hit by a UFO laser shot, plasma, a Lamassu laser shot, a Laser Trap laser, or makes contact with lava, it will instantly explode. This can happen even if the Spelunker is holding a Landmine.

If a Landmine gets crushed, it will instantly explode.

Unlike Mines found in Spelunky HD, Critters do not trigger Landmines in Spelunky 2.


Landmines can be picked up. If one is picked up before it explodes, the detonation sequence will stop and the light on top will turn off. A Landmine will rearm 2/3s of a second after being dropped or thrown, indicated with a sound and the light on top turning back on. This allows Landmines to be easily moved and manipulate where they explode.

Landmines can be carried between levels.


Spelunkers are held responsible for Landmines they activate or manipulate. This means that activating a Landmine and then killing an enemy or destroying part of a shop with its explosion will hold the Spelunker responsible for anything it does. There is one exception to this: if a Landmine explosion kills Tiamat, the Spelunker will not be credited for the kill. Killing any other enemy with a Landmine explosion will give the Spelunker credit for the kill.


  • Landmines can be useful for killing monsters like the Yeti Queen or King or using them to destroy blocks like those blocking access to Waddler's Storage, allowing the player to conserve their own bombs.
  • Keep in mind that if two Landmines are right next to each other, it is possible for the first one triggered to send the other one flying in the opposite direction, so running past may result in the second Landmine exploding in the player's face.
  • If the player doesn't have Spike Shoes, it can sometimes be very difficult to grab a Landmine while sliding around on ice, making disarming them a riskier situation.
  • It is always recommended to safely remove all nearby Landmines from certain situations before attacking any adjacent enemies — if the player gets stunned near one, they won't recover from being stunned fast enough to get away from the explosion. Even if the player survives the explosion, they will likely be thrown very far and fall into The Abyss or into further danger.
  • Players carrying Landmines into Neo Babylon should be mindful of Laser Traps; even when in the player's hands, they will instantly detonate if hit by one of the trap's projectiles.
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