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Not to be confused with the Alien Queen, Lahamu.

Lamassu are large, mythical creature-type enemies which can be found flying around in Neo Babylon. They are a hybrid of Human, Bird, and Bull created by the Olmites to defend their ancient city of the future.


Lamassu will be found flying around slowly in large areas if undisturbed. If the player is in front of the Lamassu and within its 9 tile activation range, it will begin their attack. Lamassu will attempt to target players even when behind walls.

Lamassu begin their attack with their eyes shining a massive green cone of light in the direction of the player. Their eyes will follow the player with a 30 degree range.

After roughly 2 seconds, the cone will freeze in place and flash before releasing a ball of energy that moves in the last direction it was in, causing 1 damage to and stunning any entity or destroying any solid block that it makes contact with.

Lamassu are immune to stomp damage without Spike Shoes.

Much like Olmites, Lamassu are eligible targets for UFOs.

Killing a Lamassu will have it leave a singular Emerald behind.


  • Lamassu are much less threatening than they appear; their projectile is highly telegraphed, easy to dodge, and does not punish the player much for being hit by their attack.
  • The easiest way to kill a Lamassu is by repeatedly jumping on their head with Spike Shoes. As their attack can only hit a 30 degree cone in front of them, they will be unable to retaliate and will be easily dispatched of.
  • A Lamassu's projectile may actually be beneficial in some cases; if manipulated properly, they can be used to destroy some of the numerous traps in the area or open a new pathway for the player without them needing to use bombs or other resources to progress.


Lamassu find their origins in Mesopotamian mythology, where they were a guardian spirit with the head of a man, the body of a bull, and the wings of a bird.

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