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Not to be confused with the Olmite demigod, Lamassu.

Lahamu is the queen of the Aliens in the Mothership, found just above the entrance to the area guarded by two Forcefields. She is the eldest daughter of Tiamat and stole the Original Man to clone him into armies of Shopkeepers.

She is always found just below the Plasma Cannon, although it is not strictly necessary to kill her in order to take it.


Lahamu is completely immobile, relying completely on her psychic powers, Forcefields, and Proto Shopkeepers to defend her.

The Queen attacks by placing a targeting reticle over the Spelunker, which appears whenever they come within her long range. Her eye will glow yellow when she does this.
She will zap the location it indicates after a short delay, which will deal a whopping ten points of damage and stun anything unfortunate enough to be hit by it.

Killing Lahamu will permanently disable all Forcefields in The Mothership. Of note is that killing Lahamu will not cancel any psychic attacks that she previously prepared before her death, allowing her to harm enemies posthumously.

Lahamu charging her psychic blast onto the player.


  • Due to the threat of a possible successful clone of a Shopkeeper holding a Shotgun coming from a spawner beside Lahamu, they may want to be destroyed by the player before attempting to kill her.
  • As the reticle does not move once it has been placed, Lahamu's attacks can be avoided simply by moving out of the way, and not standing in any one spot for too long.
  • The player can kill her with five Shotgun blasts, two Bombs, or a single Plasma Cannon shot. The Freeze Ray will kill her instantly if the player can damage her while she is frozen.
    • The player should destroy both Forcefields protecting her if they plan to use either the Plasma Cannon or Shotgun, as reflected shots may come back to hit them.
  • The Teleporter or Telepack may be used to telefrag her into chunks.
  • The player can also use Spike Shoes by jumping between her and the ceiling, which is normally a one block gap. The player and their scaling Spike Shoes damage will kill her in as little as 4 stomps.
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