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A player defeating Kingu with the power of Excalibur.

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Kingu is a boss in Spelunky 2.

She resides in Abzu (2), a secret area accessed through Tide Pool 4-3.

Defeating Kingu drops the Tablet of Destiny, an item needed for the chain to the Sunken City.


Kingu slowly crawls along the walls of Abzu. Approaching Kingu and standing on the platform on her prompts three enemies to spawn from the back of her shell, each of which are randomly selected from the following list:

If the spelunker remains on her back, she will spawn another trio of enemies every 6 seconds.

Kingu's massive turtle shell makes her impervious to nearly all damage. It can only be cracked by 100 explosion damage (i.e. 10 normal explosions), or a single swing from Excalibur. Bombs covered in Paste can stick to her shell.

After her shell is cracked, Kingu herself has 200 HP and is vulnerable to all types of damage.

Other than moving along the wall and spawning enemies, Kingu performs no other action other than lurching in pain if the player attacks her.

If killed, Kingu slides down into the lower portion of the level and turns to stone, dropping the Tablet of Destiny.


  • The spelunker will need to drop down onto Kingu from above onto the platform on her back in order to attack, either by climbing up through the sub-level located in the lower part of Abzu, or by simply climbing up with mobility items.
  • As Kingu's shell can be chipped open without the use of Excalibur through use of bombs or other explosives, the player can (slowly) whip her to death by doing so 200 times, or with other means of damage.
    • As items fall through the platform on her back, the spelunker must time and throw bombs into Kingu's shell if they lack Paste.
    • With the Plasma Cannon, the spelunker can crack the shell open via splash damage if they hit the enemies that Kingu spawns on her back.


  • While Kingu in traditional Babylonian mythology is male, the Journal uses the pronoun "her" to refer to Kingu.
  • In traditional Babylonian mythology, Kingu was given by his mother Tiamat the Tablet of Destinies, which he wore as a breastplate, granting him great power. This is reflected in game with Kingu dropping the Tablet of Destiny after she is defeated.
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