Kingu is the boss of Abzu, the secret area in the Tide Pool. She drops the valuable Tablet of Destiny, used to reach the Sunken City. She is largely considered to be the easiest boss in the game due to her form of attack.


The defining feature of Kingu is her massive turtle shell. It is impervious to all damage with two exceptions: Explosives, and Excalibur. While the player will only need to strike this shell with Excalibur a single time to get through it, they would need 10 bombs to do the same without it. Once the shell is destroyed, Kingu herself has 200 HP and is vulnerable to all types of damage.

Kingu in battle does not not actually attack the player herself, instead periodically spawning Jiangshi, Jiangshi Assassins, and Octopy from the top of her shell if the player is close enough.

Kingu does no other action but lurch in pain if the player attacks her.

If killed, Kingu will slide down into the lower portion of the level and turn to stone, much like Tiamat.


  • Kingu has a wooden platform on her shell just below her weak point. The player will need to drop down onto her from above; either by climbing up through the sub-level located in the lower part of Abzu, or by simply climbing up using rope or Climbing Gloves, or flying up with the Jetpack.
  • As Kingu's scale can be chipped open without the use of Excalibur through use of bombs or other explosives, the player can (very slowly) whip her to death by doing so 200 times, or using other means of damage.
    • It should be noted that bombs cannot be placed on the platform, meaning that without Bomb Paste, a player must time their bombs extremely carefully.
    • If the player has the Plasma Cannon, they can chip the scale open via splash damage if they hit the enemies that Kingu spawns on her back.

A player defeating Kingu with the power of Excalibur.


  • While Kingu in traditional Babylonian mythology is a male, they are a female in Spelunky 2, as seen by which pronoun the journal uses to refer to Kingu.
  • In Babylonian mythology, Kingu was given by his mother Tiamat a Tablet of Destinies, which he wore as a breastplate, granting him great power.
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