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The varying stages of blood accumulation

The Kapala is a chalice made from a human skull that is used to restore health by collecting blood.

It is an accessory that is rewarded when you have pleased Kali with enough sacrifices at an Altar to earn 16 points of favor.


To fill the Kapala, you must collect blood by touching droplets before they disappear. Blood from any source is acceptable, and you can even fill the Kapala by collecting your own.

After collecting eight droplets, the Kapala will empty and you will receive one heart, at which point you can begin filling the Kapala again. There is no limit to the the amount of health you can earn by filling the Kapala.

Easy sources of Blood

  • When a corpse is accepted for sacrifice, it explodes in a shower of blood. By standing on the altar, you can gather most of this blood with ease, filing the Kapala rapidly. After enough sacrifices, Kali will also reward you with HP as you increase your favor.
  • A Freeze Ray or the Crysknife can be used to destroy corpses, producing more blood.
  • Damsels have three hit points, so as long as they don't take damage from any other source they can be 'bled' for free by whipping them twice before rescuing or sacrificing them.
  • It's possible to kill Critters with ranged weapons or corpses, this is a risk-free way of gathering blood.
  • Bacteria in the worm does not take damage from the whip, but does drop one blood droplet if whipped.
  • Corpses thrown into Spikes will bleed, allowing the player to get infinite health with a corpse, spikes and a lot of patience.
  • The vomit that Mummies produce when using their fly swarm attack can also be used to fill the Kapala. By standing on a level below a mummy, they will use the attack repeatedly, producing large amounts of vomit. It is possible to accumulate an extremely high amount of health with ease by exploiting this behavior.
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